5 reasons why you need a meeting room booking system

Booking meeting room can be a challenging part of your workday. This is especially difficult if you are in a large team and your office has many meeting rooms. A meeting room booking system makes the process of booking, registration and cancelling much easier and here I s5 reasons why you need one.

1. Eliminate no-shows

Having no-shows in a meeting that you would have needed is very annoying and can potentially loos you a guest or client. With a meeting room booking system, you can easily book any room that is available, if you were to not register and show up, the room will automatically become available for your colleagues to book

2. Book on-screen

The meeting room booking system gives the opportunity to have a touch display outside of every meeting room. When you want to book one, simply locate a free room and book it through the display. When it is time for the meeting, register your arrival at the screen.


3. Get a complete overview

Having an overview of which rooms are being used when is important to schedule your workday. The touch display outside of the meeting room shows you is a room is being used, for how long and then when it Is available again. You can therefore use the meeting room booking system to plan out your meetings in advance.

4. Make it easier for your receptionist

At a big office building, a secretary needs to keep track of several meetings and guests at the same time. This can be difficult, especially if the office has many floors that are hard to manage. A system for booking will provide the receptionist with all the information needed to direct the guest to the right room.

5. Find a room with your phone

A free room can easily be found through your smartphone. This shows you an overview of the booked and free meeting rooms and frees up the time you otherwise would spend searching the floor for a room.

The meeting room booking system simply makes your workday easier