How To Pack For A Short Weekend Break

There is nothing like taking a short break away for the weekend after a hectic work week. Going somewhere different, whether it be within the country or abroad, can be very beneficial to refreshing your mental and physical health. I personally try to take advantage of cheap flights to Europe and usually go somewhere I have no real expectations of, where I can walk around and sightsee with ease. This means that I try to pack as light as I can, so I am not burdened with heavy luggage or extra costs to check them in with the airline. Here are my tips to packing for a short weekend break.


Pack clothes that you can wear in a variety of weather conditions

My recommendation is to bring a few pieces of light clothing that you can layer to get warm or take off to cool down. This is a lot more efficient than bringing heavy clothing that you may not need and will weigh you down. Bring a light womens rain jacket to keep yourself dry, but not hot. If you want to keep warm, just wear a few more layers underneath. One good, comfortable pair of shoes should be enough for the weekend, and since you would be wearing them, they won’t take up any of your baggage allowance on the plane. Also, don’t forget to check the weather forecast before packing. While it may not always be completely accurate, it will give you a good idea of what you need to pack and prepare for!


Choose your luggage type depending on how much travelling you plan on doing

If your getaway consists of spending two days at a spa, then using a rolling suitcase is suffice. However, if you plan on walking around the city with your bags, then consider using a backpack. Comfort and convenience is key, and generally the more limited theh space you have, the smarter you will be about what to bring.


Use packing cubes

What are packing cubes I hear you say? These simple zippered containers allow you to pack daily outfits into each cube, reducing the need for you to completely dump out the contents of your bag in a frenzied search for your womens waterproof jacket when a sudden downpour occurs. By dividing everything into outfits such as day wear and nightwear ahead of time, you are saving yourself some valuable time, especially if you’ve travelled a long way. No one wants to waste time choosing what to wear if you only have a weekend to spare!


Pack the bare essentials for toiletries

Bear in mind that airlines still limit you to carrying 100ml containers for liquid, so save yourself some hassle and don’t pack anything above this volume. On the bright side, if you are travelling for such a short period of time, do you really need to be carrying anything over this size?


If you follow these tips for packing for a weekend break, you should give yourself more time to enjoy your trip as well as making it more comfortable!